Saturday, June 6, 2009

HTML Script Datatypes

While wandering through the W3C specification for rdf:text, I realized a similar notation could be used for script objects, but there were too many pieces missing from the standards to connect everything together. So I will try to connect these ideas as best I can. HTML 4.01 defines multiple datatypes, some of which are redefined by CSS, such as Color and Length. The one that cought my attention was Script, which could be used to represent scripts written in different languages.

UNIX has long since had this datatype built in to almost every Shell interpreter. The so-called Hash-Bang system allows you to have programs written in any language that do not need to be compiled, but are passed to the appropriate program for interpretation. While RDF has two types that are very similar, it doesn't have a type for scripts or functions. Using a mixture of JavaScript and HTML datatypes, we can express a function definition in RDF as follows:

 @prefix hdt: <> .
@prefix js: <urn:ecmascript:> .

_:f rdf:type js:Function .
_:f js:Call """
function () {
this.done = true;
} @application/ecmascript"""^^hdt:Script .

Here you can see the @ notation is used to separate the script data from the media type, just as it is in the rdf:text datatype. This would allow a mixture of data (RDF graphs) and code (JS scripts), which are the beginnings of a full-fledged programming language.

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